Safeguarding the healthy and happy growths of Chinese infants and children.
To create a pleasant life for employees, fully embody social responsibility.
We will always be committed to the independent development, professional production, brand operation, alliance and cooperation of infants and children's food and supplies, safeguarding the healthy and happy growths of Chinese infants and children.
To create a pleasant life for employees, fully embody social responsibility, and be a specialized expert in China infants and children's food and supplies.
We will adhere to the strategic direction of one body with two wings, we will strengthen the core business areas of infants and young children food, and improve our professional E-business platform of infants and young children's food and supplies, refine our capital operation, and design a good strategic combination of Baby-Joy brand and sub-brand to achieve leaping business growth.
Baby-Joy is dedicated to comprehensive services for China infants and young children to become a comprehensive operator of independent R & D, professional manufacturing, alliance and cooperation, brand management, parent-child early education, maternal and child services, and channel operations of Chinese infants and young children food and supplies!
1.Integrity-----Honesty and Integrity and Commitment          
2.Belief-----Perseverance, Professionalism, Innovation and Competition          
3.Win-win-----Fostering Partnerships and Customer Success
4.Team-----Sincere Collaboration, and Sharing       
5.Responsibility-----Willing to Take Responsibility and Due Diligence.
Market-oriented innovation to create unique organization execution for consumers and clients
Use our expertise to reassure moms, delight babies and make every family happy.
Interpretation of Enterprise Logo
1 Red
LOGOThe red heart shape represents love, care, dedication, rest assured and happiness, conveying the parental love for babies.
2 Gold
LOGOThe gold bullion is a symbol of the company’s gold-like product quality and brand promise.
3 Longevity
LOGOThe longevity lock shape symbolizes baby’s longevity, healthy growth and other auspicious blessings.
4 Pea
LOGOThe pea is a symbol of blessed sons in traditional Chinese culture, wishing baby strength and good luck; in Western fairy tale literature, peas symbolizes healthy babies under intensive care; peas are naturally pure, symbolizing natural and healthy property of Baby-Joy products.
5 Smiling
LOGOThe smiling mouth highlights the meaning and intuitive feelings of "baby happiness, parental happiness, and family happiness".